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SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad

SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad - AutoFX Car Care Products
SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad - AutoFX Car Care Products
SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad - AutoFX Car Care Products

SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad

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SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad

  • NEW range of premium quality polishing pads by Swissvax for those who demand perfection. Swissvax foam polishing pads are exceptionally durable and long lasting, can be cleaned and re-used many times and can be machine washed up to 60 degrees C after each use.Ā  Swissvax polishing pads are prized amongst professional detailers for the perfect results they can achieve, especially when used together with Swissvax Professional polishing compoundsĀ - There are 4 pad types/colours in the range to choose from;

GreyĀ = Foam Strong Cutting pad

BlueĀ = Foam Medium Polishing pad

WhiteĀ = Foam Soft/Fine Finishing pad

BlackĀ = Foam Ultra Soft/Fine Finishing pad

  • Each polishing pad type/colour is available in 3 sizes to suit a variety of polishing machines - 85mm / 135mm / 165mm
  • The SwissvaxĀ WHITEĀ (FINE) pad is a soft finishing pad in the Swissvax range, designed for fine polishing and removal of hazing, micro-scratches, clouding or holograms on all colours and paints. Generates a beautifully Fine cut and finishes to a very high gloss. For best results use with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional "Medium" or "Regular"
  • Best used after completing a paint correction or heavy cut to finish down perfectly, can also be used to add depth of gloss and clarity using a fine finish polish.
  • Perfectly suited for all Rotary Polishing Machines, Forced Rotation Machines, Dual Action Machines and Random Orbital Polishing Machines.

  • Safe and effective on all paint types achieving a flawless finish on modern clear coats (Including hard ceramic clears), direct gloss paints and older acrylic paints.
  • Swissvax Pads are premium quality with a velcro backing for fast and convenient pad changes, they feature innovative technology to ensure you achieve a flawless finish especially when combined with our advanced polishing compounds (Swissvax Cleaner Fluids Professional).
  • Designed by Swissvax to be the ultimate polishing pads for professional car detailers and enthusiasts alike.

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SWISSVAX Fine White Foam Polishing Pad

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