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Premium Concentrated Bodywash Shampoo w/Gloss Enhancer
Fast Facts About SmartCarwash
  • Mounds of luxurious suds
  • Tough on road grime, easy on your wax
  • Rinses away clean without streaks
  • Contains lubricating oils and conditioners to safety rinse away dirt

The ultra-concentrated citrus based formula is big on clean yet gentle of paint and wax/sealant coats. Formulated using the latest synthetic polymers and surfactant technology, SmartCarWash shampoo concentrate quickly loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime while it lubricants which allows the soil to safely glide away in the rinse water. SmartCarwash polymers cling to the clean finish providing shine and protection.

Frank Schettini’s World Famous Extreme Monster Truck

When it comes to getting dirty trucks and cars clean, no one needs a better cleaning then Frank Schettini’s World Famous Extreme Monster Truck. Frank starts by hosing down this monster of a 2 story tall truck and then lathers it up with smartcarwash to get the toughest dirt and grime off without ever harming Franks Delicate Red Shiny Paint Job!

More Than A Soap

SmartCarwash is an ultra-sudsy, pH balanced, non-streaking formula. Special water conditioners (softeners) provide a streak-free, sparkling finish that resists water spotting, even in hard water conditions. SmartCarwash is far more than a car wash shampoo – it’s a lavish spa experience for your car!

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