RIMWAX 1100 (8oz)

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RIMWAX 1100 (8oz)

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Extreme Shine & Protection For Rims

Fast Facts About RimWax

  • Professional wheel polish and sealer
  • Great for all wheels and metal surfaces
  • Cleans, polishes and protects
  • Removes bonded brake dust and oxidation
  • Polishes clear coated, polished and chrome wheels
  • Shines, protects and repels brake dust

RimWax provides extreme shine and protection for all wheel finishes including chrome and alloy wheels. Don’t let dull, dirty rims ruin the look of your freshly washed and waxed car! RimWax is the answer. RimWax is a specialized cleaner, polish and wax that quickly restores a bright, polished and protected wheel finish. The anti-static RimWax formula actually helps repel brake dust to reduce dust buildup by as much as 75%. The fine RimWax polish brightens all chrome, polished aluminum and factory clear coat finish wheels. The ultra-tough RimWax sealant protects wheels for months, preventing water spotting and staining from road contaminates and brake dust buildup.

Smart Use

  • Rinse wheel and wash well with shampoo
  • Apply rim wax to cool wheel with applicator
  • Allow to haze and buff to a high shine

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RIMWAX 1100 (8oz)

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