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OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo High Gloss SiO2 Ceramic Soap

OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo High Gloss SiO2 Ceramic Car Wash Soap - AutoFX Car Care Products

OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo High Gloss SiO2 Ceramic Soap

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OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo High Gloss SiO2 Ceramic Soap

Ceramic Shampoo is a soap combines a shampoo with the high gloss protective properties of SiO2 (silica) to deliver a hydrophilic wash that delivers a brilliant  shine.

Use This Soap To:

  • Maintain or boost your ceramic coating
  • Increase amazing shine & gloss
  • Leave behind SiO2 protection
  • Save time by washing and protecting in one step
  • Leave behind incredible hydrophilic water sheeting properties 
  • Severely reduces water spots whilst washing due the sheeting properties
  • Mix it with your favorite rich foaming suds

Special Silica-Rich Formula Protects
Hydrophilic blended nano SiO2 that leave behind ceramic protection and incredible gloss during every wash. After a good level of protection? OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo will leave a silica-rich film behind that helps repel water, dirt, and other pollutants, keeping your vehicle looking cleaner for longer. Use on a non-coated vehicle to add water beading & promotes sheeting of water so the water runs off. Use it on a coated car to rejuvenate your ceramic coating with a simple wash!
Don't through out your old car wash shampoo
Mix it with your favorite car wash or foaming suds to customise the results to suit your vehicles needs.

Extend The Life Of Your Ceramic Coat
Ceramic Shampoo is mixed with SiO2, the main ingredient in ceramic coatings which rejuvenates your coating as you simply wash your car or bike. 

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OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo High Gloss SiO2 Ceramic Soap

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