Nano Polisher Cordless

Nano Polisher Cordless
Nano Polisher Cordless

Nano Polisher Cordless

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This is a brand new entry level design.

This budget version Nano Polisher is best suited for the hobbyist.

Simple and affordable.

Comes with,

1 x 3mm throw attachment

1 x 1.5" backing plate

1 x 2" backing plate

1 x  fabric case

2 x 12v batteries

1 x charger

1 x foam pads (1 x 1.5" & 1 x 2")

1 x wool pads (1 x 1.5")

1 x pack of 4 x 1.5 inch foam pads

1 x pack of 4 x 2 inch foam pads


Notes, We personally can say that these units will easily outperform the Rupes on the rotary function. The 3mm DA attachment is quite weak when load is added but even the Rupes 3mm attachment is fairly weak too. In conclusion the Rupes Ibrid has better DA function but our Nano Polisher out performs Rupes Ibrid on rotary function.


2500-6000 opm/rpm

12 volt

Due to be ready for sale around 20th of August

More info will be added soon like photos and operation videos

User manual

Nano Polisher user manual PDF

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Nano Polisher Cordless

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