Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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The Pad Cleaning Brush quickly cleans and reconditions foam buffing pads for best results and to help your pads last their longest.

Use This Brush To;

Save time and money
Save lots of elbow grease
Clean your pads without breaking a sweat
Get the best results when polishing
Keep your pads in premium shape
Clean Pads Get Better Results

Regular cleaning and proper care will keep your pads in top shape to deliver superior results every time. Waxes, polishes and compounds that are left on pads are absorbed into the foam cell structure of the pad and can become caked in, which can scratch surfaces and limit the proper usage of the foam pad. The is made of stiff bristles that easily remove caked and dried product.

Pad Cleaning Brush

The Pad Cleaning Brush is great for powerful cleaning on foam, microfiber, and wool buffing and polishing pads. The durable brush is contoured to the human hand for comfortable ergonomics, powerful cleaning, and low fatigue with extended scrubbing. The abrasion-resistant handle is cast from durable injection-molded plastic, and lasts for years of rugged detailing use.

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Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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