3.2inch 80mm HD HD Black Finishing Pad HDO-73350

3.2inch 80mm HD HD Black Finishing Pad HDO-73350 - lake country

3.2inch 80mm HD HD Black Finishing Pad HDO-73350

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Lake country 3.2inch 80mm HD Blue Light Cutting Pad

1pcs Lake Country HDO 3 1/2"

Black Foam Finishing Pad Precisely Balanced for Control and Stability Multi-Density Foam Layers with Cooling Breathable Interface Engineered Specifically for Random Orbital Polishers Lake Country HDO 3 1/2" Orbital Foam Finishing Pad has been designed for final finish polishing and application of thin, even coats of waxes, sealants and glazes. Lake Country HDO 3 1/2" Orbital Foam Finishing Pad is made of a firm, evenly balanced slim profile foam which offers improved efficiency and better control.

Lake Country HDO Pads run about 10% cooler than comparable pads when using with long stroke random orbital polishers which maximizes pad life and increases durability. The Lake Country HDO Orbital Foam Finishing Pads feature a breathable interface to prevent the centre of the pad from caving in by allowing heat build-up to escape. The breathable interface and multi-density layered foam structure provides smooth polishing while maintaining the integrity for better surface contact and stability on flat panels and has the ability to adjust to contours and curves. Lake Country HDO 3 1/2" Orbital Black Foam Finishing Pad About the Brand Lake Country Manufacturing is a name that’s synonymous with innovation and leadership in the world of polishing pads and accessories. This trend continues with the Microfiber Pads and their unique construction.

Instead of using just one type of adhesive throughout the construction of the pad, Lake Country Microfiber Pads feature two different adhesives, both of which are designed solely for the material that they’re attached to. This equates to a microfiber pad that’s far more durable than conventional microfiber pads and thus enables Microfiber Pads to be machine washable. Lake Country Microfiber Pads are perfect for production detail shops as they can be used, abused, washed and reused multiple times! The specially selected core materials provide the perfect balance of firmness and conformability. Lake Country Microfiber Polishing Pads can be used on factory paint, repainted surfaces and custom paint finishes. Take your polishing skills to the next level with the Lake Country Microfiber Polishing Pads!

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