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How to apply ceramic coating to paint

New to ceramic coatings? or just thought it was time to have a go yourself? either way watching this video will help you decided make a better decision of weather to apply OPTiX ceramic coting yourself or just have it done professionally.

Without a doubt any DIY saves you money in any industry. But should you chose to have the OPTiX ceramic coating paint protected by a professional then you would gain a valuable relationship with the professional who can help maintain the ceramic coating and other paint detailing issues you might have in the future. Some professionals also offer labour and or product warranties which is a valuable asset to have. Having a warranty allows you to add your paint protection coating to your car insurance policy. If you ever have to make a claim for repairs big or small then you might be covered under your policy to have the repaired areas applied. All coatings will at some stage over the next couple of years will suffer from scratches and stains. With incorrect care and handling whilst maintaining the car/coating means you may need to have the skills or confidence of tackling these issues which in most cases result in the removal of the coating of the effected areas. The effected areas will need ceramic coating reapplied. Sometimes they blend well and sometimes they do not. If they do not blend well then the operator needs to know how to machine polish the paint from all or part of the effected area before applying a new layer of ceramic coating. Having your own all in house professional at your side means you can be 100% assured that you always have the right guy helping you get the best our of your OPTiX ceramic coating which results in your ride looking beautiful for a whole of a lot longer.