About Us

Expect trading interruptions to trading hours during our relocation.

The new location will be unit 21 / 5 Hines Road O'Connor

Opening times for product sales are,

Monday- CLOSED 

Tuesday- 9.30am til 2pm 

Wednesday- CLOSED (call for general enquiries)

Thursday- 9.30 til 2pm 

Friday- CLOSED (call for general enquiries)

Saturday- 9.30am til 2pm

Sunday- CLOSED

Contact us on 08 6180 8767 or 0412 034 861

Note if you are used to dealing with Ben our store manager, please note that he as heart complications and we would appreciate if you called our shop land line instead of Ben's mobile from now on.

Between 2014 and 2019 Chemical Guys WA was classed as the Factory outlet on behalf Chemical Guys USA. Chemical Guys WA is setup to supply the state of Western Australia of Chem Guys car care products by Des of AutoFX WA.

So what is this small shop that makes adults feel like a kid in a candy store about? Why is the AutoFX Car Care Products shop also known as Chemical Guys WA?

During 2019, AUTOFX WA & Chemical Guys WA merged the operation and is now AutoFX WA – Car Care Products Division. Our Car Care Products store has always been operating within the same building as our main business. The detailing supplies shop is open to the public on set days.  The Aim is to supply products and brands to suit every standard from hobbyists, budget DIY, high end enthusiasts and the trade. We certainly do not believe in the need to be a brand whore. We believe in streamlining the brands required making choice a lot easier.

Chemical Guys LA was founded with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products at any price. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to providing our patrons uniquely efficacious car care products, accessories and knowledge. Each of us at Chemical Guys is committed to serving our customers and communities alike through the highest service standards.

Who are you supporting? by shopping with us you are supporting a very small family business who are passionate about their business and very strict staff selection ensures staff that are proud to be part of the team. It's not just a JOB! Because we are supplied SWISSVAX locally, because OPTiX is 100% Australian owned and most of it's products are produced and packaged here, because we are the factory direct resellers of Chemical Guys, pretty much nearly all of the profits as little as they are stay in Australia.