Chemical Guys 5050 Concours Paste Wax

chemical-guys-wa,5050 CONCOURS PASTE WAX,Chemical Guys,wax
chemical-guys-wa,5050 CONCOURS PASTE WAX,Chemical Guys,wax

Chemical Guys 5050 Concours Paste Wax

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Chemical Guys 5050 Concours motorcycle or car wax

is the coveted traditional show-car style paste wax that allows everyone to enjoy the heritage, prestige, and pride of a brilliant show winning shine on any car, truck, or SUV. This should be in your car care product list for both DIY or the professional detailer.

Use This Wax To: 
  • Make any car look like a concours winner
  • Spoil that daily driver with intense gloss & shine
  • Enhance and exaggerate colors in reflection
  • Help protect your paint from signs of aging
  • Have the best bike or car wax in your car detailing range
  • Wax it
Value! you should expect to get more than 30 or more cars from this 1 tin. 
Lay down a durable shield against the elements
Twice-Refined For Superior Purity And Clarity Of Shine And Reflection
Car show winners turn to 100% Carnauba wax to enhance the natural beauty of any color paint, give it a warm wet shine, and exaggerate colors in reflection. Now, it’s possible to get that same show-winning shine on any car, whether that be your classic, garage queen, or daily driver. Spread 5050 to enhance, shine, and protect it against UV sunlight, pollution, contamination, birds, bugs, and more!

Limited Production For Superior Quality Control
5050 is made by blending and pouring small batches of wax with natural and exotic ingredients for a glowing shine unseen with cheaper products. Some ingredients are rarely in bloom, so 5050 Paste Wax can only be produced in small batches at certain times of the year. By focusing on smaller batches and production runs, we can assure higher quality, superior consistency, and warmer glowing shine! 

How to use it

How to wax it

  • Wash and decontaminate vehicle with a Chemical Guys premium auto shampoo and clay bar.
  • Apply a thin coat of product using a premium foam applicator pad or by hand to wax it (the area you want to wax)
  • Allow 20 minute dry time.
  • Buff off using a premium microfiber towel.


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Chemical Guys 5050 Concours Paste Wax

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