Waxes and sealants are the cornerstone of good

Waxes and sealants are the cornerstone of a good paint protection arsenal. They help protect and shine your paint, and can be applied either by hand or by a machine polisher. 

The best waxes in the world are made by SWISSVAX which are handmade in a small factory in Switzerland. SWISSVAX waxes produce amazing results and performance for the luxury market.

OPTiX G-WAX. G-WAX sets a bench mark for the larger enthusiast who do not mind spending more but also want great value without sacrificing results on the finish and the performance. The OPTiX G-WAX offers good longevity of protection.

The slickest finish comes from using OPTiX NANO SLICK which contains 7% SiO2 (a ceramic coating base). NANO SLICK does not have the same durability as G-WAX but it does have a slickness better than the most expensive waxes. 

Quality waxes like OPTiX and SWISSVAX range are not really comparable to the other more gimmicky brands where you might need to apply 3 or 4 different products and still produce a lesser result than one layer of OPTiX & SWISSVAX.