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Starting a detailing business success or failure

Detailing Business

So you have done a little training...
So you have watched 100 hours of youtube how to's...
So you think you are an experienced detailer because you have rated your own work as being as good as any professional....

But still no quality work or leads?

Professional and successful detailing is not only about your skill to perform the hands on work.

Why do so many start up businesses fail in the first few years?

Did you know that most fail to fully acknowledge that running a business professionally is sometimes a bigger skill and learning curve than the service or product you are trying to sell.

Just because you think you are great and just because you want people to have what you want to sell doesn't mean that the customer WANTS what you are selling whether service or product.

How do i learn or become better at business? through coaching and lessons by someone that is already successful in it full time.

Marketing is another area. "yeah but I already boosted many posts on social media of my before and after pics and all I got was time wasters". The truth is marketing isn't as paying for an advert.

Who should I learn from then? firstly looking only for people that hold and distribute the biggest brands of car care products doesn't mean jack. Just because people have a crap load of coin and have all the connections in the right places doesn't mean they can run a successful service business full time, otherwise they wouldn't be selling brand name products full time. "what do you mean?" mate in the real world try and live off what a detailer really makes after expenses, the extremely hard work it takes to make a dollar isn't for the faint heart that wants a champagne life on a beer budget.


Trust me detailers aren't that successful to be able to start from nothing and buy into a multi million dollar import business let alone live in a 2 million dollar home driving around in expensive cars.

Moral of the story is, learn from real world professionals.