Polishing pads, buff pads, buff & polish?

 Paint Correction is an industry term or fancy name for "cut & polish" or "buff & polish" and "polishing the paint" They are all the same with different names. 

What's the difference between polishing, buffing and compounding? many think polishing is something that you put on the paint to protect it, the amount of time people use the term "wack some polish on it for protection" this is an incorrect term. Polishing and compounding or buffing are all the same thing. In order for something to be a true polish it must have some form of abrasive in it. Polishing a car by hand  with a polishing pad or buffing pad means or even just a polishing cloth is all forms of paint correction and buffing. If you wanted to protect your paint/finish then you need to apply a wax, a sealant, a coating and any other product that leaves behind a protectant that usually increases the shine and gloss. After polishing, paint correction and/or compounding all will require a paint protection product at the end to protect the results of the polishing work. OPTiX polishing pads / buff pads will get you the result you need if you have the right tools, polishes and polishers.


You can polish a car in many different ways from using many types of car polishers and polishing machines, from a dual action random orbital to a forced rotating dual action RO or a rotary car polisher. You can polishing or compound/buff a car by hand using foam applicator made for hand polishing or microfibre cloth. End of the day the best results come form using OPTiX S-line buffing pads on an electric car polisher because the results are much faster and overall more even. In many cases it is almost impossible to cut enough paint in a consistent manner by hand.