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Paint Protection Films are the Future

UPPF is the factory source. UPPF like the primary produces of farming.
Anyone can private label this material but UPPF is the origin of PPF around the world.
10 year warranty the best stone chip resistance and better self healing top coat.
We are the representing agent for UPPF in WA, SA and NT
Private label films by UPPF, Many very well known brand names around the world whom private label films from UPPF will not get the same quality. the reason for this is because UPPF have decided that any private label films will be produced at a slightly lower quality to not devalue their UPPF brand.
There are many companies that claim their material does not come from China but the truth is there is always a legal way to get around "words"
Why is UPPF better than typical coatings? because unlike coatings UPPF offers, stone chip resistance and in 99% of the times eliminate chips from normal driving. UPPF is self healing and therefore will never need a paint correction because you wont have swirls and scratches found even on cars that are very well maintained.
UPPF/PPF coatings, the UPPF has a top coat that in built into the material during manufacturing of TPU. TPH will yellow and age very very fast whereas TPU will last for years and self heal because TPU self healing paint protection films are made from TPH with the top coat. Not only does TPU self heals and mimics the best ceramic coating it offers UV stabilisation. For example if you were to buff off or somehow remove all the top coat that was manufactured into the film that was meant to last more than 10 years, you would now find that same film will not breakdown in a matter of one year without that top coat.
How good the film is at lasting depends on a couple things but the main reason would be the quality and durability of the top coat. 
Conclusion TPH & TPU are 2 totally different materials