OPTiX Easy 3-2-1 polishing compounds

Our new range of OPTiX polishing compounds are coming today. Designed with priority to finish well rather than being a heavy duty 1000 grit cut, OPTiX polishes allow new users and beginners to achieve the same professional expert level finishes free from haze and holograms with OPTiX Wet Finish and OPTiX Scratch & Swirl

OPTiX Polishes are a simple 3-2-1 system

Start on 3 with a wool pads or heavy cutting pad like the OPTiX green or rupes blue foam pad for good paint correction but with the safety of knowing the haze will be easy to remove. In most cases for a quick shine up and detail we suggest using the OPTiX #2 SCRATCH & SWIRL.
For a quick single stage on black cars with just the finest marring use OPTiX #1 WET FINISH because WET FINISH does not leave any compound haze. We suggest finishing all jobs with WET FINISH which results in a nice glaze like finish, super wet and very deep. 

With prices going up everywhere OPTiX is a great option. For the serious correction guys or guys that buff a lot of bunkies you may find you will need to start with something extreme like CG V32 or Autoglym 4B.

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