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Next Shipment due early November

After 4 months Our next shipment is due approximately 6th of November.

The shipment is scheduled to come into Fremantle port on the 1st of November.

Once it passes through customs it then has to be booked onto a courier to be delivered to our shop in Canning Vale.

Once it gets delivered it will take many hours for us to go through each pallet.

Then an even longer process begins and that putting each item into inventory system and then onto the shelves.

It usually takes 6 hours per pallet.

So even though the stick is due into port on November the 1st it will still take many days before the stock is ready for sale.

GOOD NEWS. The good news is another shipment is also on the way as you are reading this and that is due around the 1st of November.

Have a great week.

Love detailing