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How much to for a professional polish / paint correction

Paint correction - Cut & Polish 

Every detailer's pet hate is the saying "hey mate how much is a.....?"

If you are here reading this then you are probably new to all this and about to realise the more you research the more questions you have and that is because the world of detailing is really very complex.

We will make this pretty short although we could go on for hours about it.

So you thought that a good polish is something that is casually done? you probably thought it was something that is done in a few hours? Well the answer is there is no right or wrong answer, why? because it is all subjective and polishing results and polishing standards as well as the complexities are can be different on every job.

You could find people offering a "complete machine polish" for less than $250 and you can find prices of "paint corrections" for above $800. so what is the difference between a "complete machine polish" a "cut polish & wax" and a "paint correction"???   The answer is NOTHING they all mean the same type of work. So why do people use the different terms if they all mean the same thing? well because many professionals like to talk themselves up by advertising a paint correction being the proper way and therefor sounds fancier and the old school term a cut and polish really is the equivalent to the slang to the official correct industry term of PAINT CORRECTION. we could go on for hours on this but we are drifting away from the subject of pricing.

Realistically the commercial world of detailing is a very hard one to make money from. If one is an expert with a great name and a great reputation they are more likely to attract clients that can easily afford someone that details cars for a living. For the detailer looking for those clients that can pay them what they are asking for they are most likely going to have to take on much higher overheads in order to offer the level of service these higher end clients would expect from a professional detailer. these costs might be in way of advertising to their facilities, staff and other running costs. Yes in theory the lower the running cost of a business the cheaper the price but that does not always reflect reality. 

The guy that is charging the most is making the most amount of money is that true? NO, why? because a lot of the times a bigger business has to retain a certain level of standard and anyone in a business that has a shop knows, the shop overheads kills your bottom line. the amount of extra love required to give a full service means much higher labour costs and many operators in all different types of industries will work long hours to produce a work of art in what they specialise in to retain their level of standard and service standard. 

For many people they will see a professional detailer who has a great name as being expensive, but for every person that thinks that there is 1 that thinks they are cheap for what they do. What I mean by this? the truth is simple, most people do not know the world of business and in business there is marketing fact which is, "there is a market for everyone or everything thing"

Written by Des of AutoFX WA