Drill brushes cheap vs big brand name quality differences?


I had a bad experience with item I bought elsewhere that broke. What's the difference in quality with other brands? Chem guys drill brush vs other brands?



Hi firstly I have never heard of any of the 300+ units sold ever doing this and even if 2% did then that is expected with any tooling, everything breaks in this world. The harder the use the more likely it will break. Now I understand you were not talking about our product being the problem and I was merely explaining myself as a general explanation.


I can say that most cleaners that use this other than on cars like carpet cleaners and house/commercial property cleaners go through a large amount of these types of brushes because in many not all but many cases can not handle the nature of cleaning. See in cars you have to be gentle otherwise you going ruin the carpet or upholstery fibres. Therefore they do no get as punished in cars and obviously there are exceptions to the that too.


Like everything in this world it isn’t where it is made but finding who makes a more rigid unit. Most things come from China including many world class brands like Tesla, the problem is finding the 5% of Chinese made stuff that is world class vs all the other Chinese cheaper copies.


Chem Guys Drill Brushes are one of the best but like every other brand the brands buy them from someone else who just makes those items. This means 10 to even 50 brands on the market could be selling the exact same item made all by one manufacturer.