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Deep Fabric Cleaning - A few newbie TIPS

When it comes to cleaning fabrics with stains that require a bit of extra elbow grease you might consider using more than warm water or basic soaps. You are better off starting from Chemical Guys Lightning Fast for that good deep clean that is great on most general grime that has been left to build up in your fairly well kept car. 

If you have more stubborn marks and stains then you need to move onto Chemical Guys ALL CLEAN with a lower pH due it the citrus acid, All Clean is tough on stains, on all types of materials from fabric to leather.

For the ultimate cleaning power you need OPTiX APC. OPTiX APC is a highly refined formula made in Australia that is all about fast acting cleaning power that is what every professional detailer and carpet cleaner needs to run their business. OPTiX APC by diluting 1:10 before spraying. If you are using it in your shampooer then dilute the mixture between 1:10 to 1:20. OPTiX APC has a subtle orange citrus scent that is no over powering. OPTiX APC (All Purpose Cleaner) is even better on the exterior surfaces like wheels, engine bays and all kinds of filthy bits on the exterior and it works fast!

Like all product cautions, you should always try it in an inconspicuous area to see it you are achieving favourable results.

Agitation is an important term and technique used by all professionals and is the key to busting those stains. Tools used for agitating the surface are, traditional hand held scrubbing brushes, Brushes for Dual Action machines allows an electrical machine to move the brush attached by way of random orbital, brush attachments for a drill or rotary machine. Agitation can also by achieved with pure high pressure through air tools. There are many more variations.

When cleaning fabrics with chemicals you should always flush your chemical out of the fabrics with clean water.



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