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Chemical Guys WA has merged with AUTOFX WA

Chemical Guys WA was setup as a separate detailing supplies shop. Over the 3.5 years AutoFX WA (detailing business) has been running, managing, training, promoting and financially subsidising Chemical Guys WA to get Chemical Guys in Western Australia. Along the way we accumulated a few other supplementary products and brands.

In order to continue providing the multi brand outlet. The Chemical Guys brand will now be sold under the business trading as AutoFX WA instead of Chemical Guys WA.

The shop and website will still function as per normal, though now under the branding of AutoFX WA.

AutoFX WA sells products that we are proud of, we merged because we wanted to stay true to our business culture of selling what we want to sell and to have the right to NOT sell what we are not going to be proud of.

If you wish to continue following us on our Instagram page then you will have noticed the name change already, but we will be closing down the profile in the near future. Please move over the @autofxwa on insta if you wish to continue following us. If you only wish to follow Chemical Guys on your social media then you will need to follow Chemical Guys International.

Our Chemical Guys WA Facebook page is currently going though the branding changes an will continue to operate as per normal.

Thank you to all that supports us, onwards and upwards. 


Des & Ben