Ceramic Coat Wheels?

Ceramic coating your wheels is the best thing you can do at the moment. Brake dust is one of those problem areas most of us hate cleaning and caring for. 

Before ceramic coating was around we would wax or apply standard sealants to make wheel cleaning easier, it helps in the preservation of the wheel finish. Now we have SiO2 technology commonly known as "Ceramic Coating" Unlike wax or sealants that will only last a few washes, something like OP888 ceramic coating can last up to 2 years. For daily driven vehicle or a vehicle that is driven fairly hard, we suggest coating wheels annually.

3 Coats for wheels is best for optimal high performance allowing 4 hours between each coat. If you have a hair dryer, heater, heat gun or drying lamps then I suggest that you use them to speed up the drying process and form a hard shell before the new coat goes on. Applying additional layers over existing layers can harm the layer beneath if the previous layers are not hard enough. Simply being dry and in a solid state does not mean the coating is hard and durable to withstand, rubbing and the alcohol/solvents within the coating when being applied can dissolve other previous layer/s.

Once coated and well cured, the coating acts like the coating on the non stick frying pan. Unfortunately brake dust will still land and stick to the wheel but when it comes to cleaning, it's so easy. Pressure cleaning once a week can be totally touchless. Simply Spray OPTiX iron remover on to your wheels and spray the brake dust away with a pressure cleaner.