Buffing charts & systems for beginners

Polishing systems for beginners,

Study the chart below, pay attention to the middle section, "COMPOUND" "SWIRL REMOVER" & "FINISHING POLISH"

Chose the compound (V32,V34,VSS,V36 & V38) that suits the condition of paint and follow these easy steps


Chose the pad that suits your needs to go with the polish you want to use.

Most swirls will need V36 as a minimum with Hex Logic orange medium cut pad. follow with either V36 on a black pad to refine your work before the finishing polish step.


For a pretty scratchy car you are going to need either V36 on a yellow Hex logic pad or use V34 on a white or orange Hex Logic pad. Then follow with a finishing polish like V36 on a White pad to remove the haze put in from V34.

For black or darker paints you will probably need to go one extra step using ultra fine finishing polishes from brands like OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES Final Polish or Rupes Fine Polish.