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Best protection isn't the cheapest

So you've bought a new car and wanted to find your own way of paint protection.

Our suggestion is to apply self healing stone chip resistant film to the bonnet and front bumper then ceramic coat the rest of the panels when on a budget yet still wanting stone chip resistance for the highest traffic area prone to chips, bug staining splatter, and never see swirls again in the bonnet.

For DIY PPF I would suggest buying UPPF P20 because it is more conformable and much easier to install for a novice and thicker material requires so much more effort and skills. Expect to pay around $400 to $600 in material costs just for the 2 panels with a 10 year warranty. To ceramic coat the rest of the panels DIY you will need to buy a 30ml OPTiX OP888 ceramic coating kit ($170).

When buying the material for DIY PPF you really need to buy the right tools to go with it. You will need 2 bottles and 2 sprayers, slipping detergent, a couple different squeegees, bubble popper, Clay bar and you may need to consider needing to lightly polish the PPF areas.

For the person wanting the best paint protection for a car that is always outside my suggestion is to PPF the bonnet, roof and boot as a minimum because the PPF will offer protection against UV 100 times better than any ceramic coating. Bird droppings will never penetrate the film into the paint. The soft film also acts to reduce small dents and light scratches.

On a budget? Ceramic coating like OPTiX OP888 is the best coating when value for money on a budget is needed whilst priority on a product that will last a few years.

On the smallest shoe string budget? then you will have to get back to basics by the way of regular maintenance and regular reapplication of traditional waxes & sealants. Try the Final Boost +Supercharged SiO2 non permanent water based coating that is made to be an alternative to waxes. Wash using OPTiX Shampoo or OPTiX Ceramic Shampoo, spray a little Final Boost whilst washing and simply rinse if off. Add a little more shine and protection with OPTiX Nano or OPTiX NINE after each wash for that showroom shine.