AutoFX WA reveals products used on the Detail 550

Full Detail case scenario on a 2nd hand GTi coupe

The owner purchased the Golf with only 20,000km and only a couple years old.

The owner was fussy, he likes the better things in life and prefers paying more for a better brand than to be on a tight budget.

Even though the interior wasn't filthy and to most people this would be considered already good even before we started. If you are like this guy then you know why he was willing to pay $250 for a good interior detail. Not only will the interior look like new, it will be sanitary too. Who knows what germs are in the car from the prvious owners and occupants.

He then decided to upgrade his booking to an exterior detail because he felt that the paint needed decontamination, claying and a light machine polish before a coat of wax is applied called Celeste Dettaglio, a luxury paste wax.

SWISSVAX Protecton was applied to the interior trim.

CG Blue Guard was applied to the exterior rubbers, plastics and tyres.

OPTiX All Trim was applied to the engine bay and was cleaned with CG ALL CLEAN.

The interior was shampoed with CG Fabric Clean.

OPTiX window cleaner is the best window cleaner on the market and our choice on this detail a long with the OPTiX glass cloths.

OPTiX Iron Remover used with the CG clay bar to decon the paint.

OPTiX Iron Renover with CG wheel cleaning accessories was used to clean the wheels, the wheel barrels and calipers.

CG washing accessories like CG bucket dolley, CG heavy duty bucket, grit guards and wash boards and CG Chubby drying towels used to wash and dry.

There are many other products used to do the job and for more info on the products used check out or