6 Car Wash Tips For The Lazy Person

6 Car Wash Tips For The Lazy Person

Here are 6 simple car wash tips that will that help your ride looking maintained & protected in a much easier way.


  1. Do it in the shade and or when it isn’t hot. Water drying up and drying up fast is a problem. The heat also makes a simple job like washing ride into a chore!
  2. Use a pressure cleaner if you do not mind the setting up and packing up effort doesn’t bother you. They are handy when it comes to cleaning bugs or heavy build-up of grime
  3. Use prewash foaming systems like a garden hose compatible foam blaster or a pressure cleaner foam cannon. A hose foamer is suited for the laziest person
  4. Make sure paint, wheels and other exterior surfaces are coated in products like waxes, sealants, SiO2 coatings and other products that promote a non stick like surface. Our recommendation is a Hydrophobic SiO2 “spray & rinse” type product for the laziest person. A good one will not leave stains and increase the shine without any rubbing or touching needed. This tip helps significantly because a good non stick surface promotes a self cleaning effect.
  5. Use the advantages of high performing hydrophobic surfaces by allowing water to sheet off and it will cut out drying efforts by up to 90% (watch video here)
  6. Use TWO large 600gsm to 1200gsm microfibre drying towels that come from brands with a high manufacturing standard. Most towels come from China but not all standards are the same. Just because they look the same does not mean the perform the same and sometimes there can be a massive difference.

If you are still unsure then why not enquire about a basic wash class for the lazy or come in to our detail garage in Canning Vale for product advice.

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Written by Des Wong